Cadmium contamination: where is the next vulnerable region?

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Like Shaoguan (韶关) and Hechi(河池), Heyuan is also located at the Nanling metallogenic belt in China, rich in minerals. Due to the high value of its rare earth deposit, Heyuan has been earmarked as key base for the nation’s rare earth mining and processing. China Minmetals Group recently signed an agreement with Heyuan to speed up the development of it’s rare earth resources and this is only the beginning of Heyuan’s overall mineral resources development planning.

If Heyuan is threatened, Hong Kong is also vulnerable, as 80 percent of Hong Kong’s water supply comes from the Dongjiang, not to mention the 40 million people in Guangdong who rely on Dongjiang for fresh water.

[1] For more details, please see Civic Exchange’s new report “Industrial Relocation in Guangdong Province: Avoid Repeating Mistakes”. Download available from



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