Fresh Water

February 18, 2014
Greenpeace Indonesia and local communities in Batang, Central Java, have alleged alarmingly high figures for greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants from a coal-fired power plant being built in the district.
February 17, 2014
One of China’s major industrial regions, the province of Hunan, is launching a green drive to try to clean up heavy metal contamination the province has suffered over the last few decades of frenetic growth.
ADB President Nakao
February 07, 2014
Asia’s precious but increasingly scarce water resources should be managed in a coordinated way to ensure the region has not only sufficient water but also enough food and energy to meet its needs, according to Asian Development Bank (ADB) President Takehiko Nakao. “We need to think differently about water and its uses for food and energy production—and take action,” Nakao told delegates in a keynote speech yesterday at the 14th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit.
February 07, 2014
India’s central government has a long-term plan to upgrade the country’s 26 million electric groundwater pumps, often powered by diesel generators, for more efficient solar-powered models.
February 07, 2014
China's Ministry of Water Resources says it has established a new performance appraisal system to evaluate local governments on their management of water resources.
India Environmental Performance
January 28, 2014
India has emerged as Asia’s worst environmental performer, ranking just 155th out of 178 countries studied by Yale University researchers in their 2014 Environmental Performance Index (EPI). A bottom performer on nearly every policy issue included in the 2014 EPI, with the exception of forests, fisheries, and water resources, India’s performance lags most notably in the protection of human health from environmental harm.
January 23, 2014
Arable land contaminated with heavy metals will be withdrawn from agricultural production, a senior Chinese agricultural official said yesterday.
January 21, 2014
Member countries of the Mekong River Commission (MRC) were unable to reach an agreement last week during a special session to decide whether the Don Sahong Dam should undergo regional decision-making, leaving future regional co-operation on the river in limbo.
January 20, 2014
Food security, rural environment have been cited by the central government as its top priorities for 2014, according to a document published on the State Council’s website yesterday.
China Wetlands
January 13, 2014
China’s wetlands have shrunk nearly nine percent in the last decade, contributing to the country’s water shortage and putting increased pressure on its food production, energy output and industrial activity.
December 16, 2013
While on his first visit to Vietnam since serving during the war, Senator John Kerry yesterday pledged USD17 million to help the country mitigate climate change and protect the Mekong River where he once commanded a patrol boat.
ASE Pollution Scandal
December 13, 2013
Taiwan’s Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc (ASE) – the world's largest integrated circuit packaging and testing services provider – is facing the threat of heavy fines, law suits and loss of business after it was found to be illegally discharging waste water via concealed pipes at its plants.
Mekong River Council Study
December 13, 2013
On Saturday, Japan will host the Fifth Mekong-Japan Summit between the leaders of Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar in Tokyo, marking two years since the Mekong governments first agreed to work together to carry out a study on the impacts of dams on the Lower Mekong River’s mainstream, commonly known as the MRC Council Study.
China Dying Report
December 05, 2013
The Green Choice Alliance, a group of seven Chinese environmental NGOs yesterday released the third in a series of investigative report into the country’s textile industry. It says that a large number of dye houses are breaching China’s new emission standards and that many international brands that use them are turning a blind eye.
DyeCoo waterless fabric dyeing machines
December 03, 2013
Far Eastern New Century Corp, a Taiwanese contract manufacturer for global sportswear giant Nike, has installed high-tech equipment which, it is claimed, eliminates the use of water and process chemicals from fabric dyeing. Although not the first plant to deploy equipment from Dutch start-up DyeCoo Textile Systems (that distinction goes to a factory in Thailand), the move is nonetheless a significant development in what Nike describes as a “manufacturing revolution”.
November 29, 2013
Philippines brewing, food and energy conglomerate San Miguel Corp, the country’s biggest company, will bid for a 24.4 billion-peso (USD558 million) bulk water-supply project in Bulacan province, north of the Manila.
November 28, 2013
Select restaurants, tourist attractions and construction projects have been shuttered around the pollution-plagued Danjiangkou reservoir in central China, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced on Tuesday.
Synthetic natural gas plants will stress China's water supplies
October 25, 2013
China’s plans to develop a string of coal-to-gas plants as part of efforts to reduce the chronic air pollution problem afflicting its northern cities pose a threat to water supplies in arid regions where these plants are to be build, according to research by the World Resources Institute (WRI). It could also result in total carbon emissions that are double that of the coal-fire power and heating plants that are to be replaced by gas-fired facilities in these cities.
Yangtze finless porpoise not in good shape
October 23, 2013
Stocks of many species of fish in the upper branches of Yangtze River have declined dramatically in recent years, imposing a severe threat to the river’s ecological system which has been much endangered, China's Ministry of Agriculture has revealed. According to a collaborative report led by the ministry’s Yangtze River Fishery Resources Management Commission Office (YRFRMCO), the ecological system of the upper branches of the Yangtze River has collapsed and, as a result, many vital fish species, including reeves shad, sturgeons and puffer fish, are now on the brink of extinction.
October 23, 2013
The Tibet Plateau is "the third-cleanest area in the world in terms of its environment," after the South Pole and North Pole, according to China’s Information Office of the State Council.