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Hydroponic lettuce farming in Fukushima
March 11, 2013
Yesterday thousands of protesters were out in the streets of Tokyo calling for the Japanese Government to forgo nuclear power, a day before the second anniversary of an earthquake and tsunami that triggered the world's worst atomic disaster in 25 years. The nuclear meltdown at Tokyo Electric Power's (Tepco) Fukushima Daiichi plant forced 160,000 people from their homes, to which many will never return. It also sparked an unprecedented protest movement against nuclear power.
Japanese nuclear flip flop
September 20, 2012
Only five days after a Japanese cabinet panel put forward a plan  to phase out nuclear power in the country by 2040, the government has been forced to back down in the face of intense lobbying by business groups and political unease ahead of an election expected by year-end. Yesterday Japanese lawmakers only partially endorsed the government’s energy strategy document, removing any mention of the deadline, which was the most strongly supported option in the two-month public consultation on which the document was based.
Red Dragon solar war
July 22, 2012
The escalating international trade war revolving around the Chinese solar industry took a turn for the worse Friday when China confirmed that it was investigating imports of US and South Korean polysilicon. The probe relates to anti-subsidy and anti-dumping regulations, experts said, and will be seen as the latest sign of intensified trade frictions between the world's top two economies, China and the US.
March 07, 2012
Japan's earthquake and tsunami stricken Fukushima prefecture could rise from the rubble to become an export hub for offshore wind technology under plans put forward by a consortium to build the world's first floating wind farm.
March 07, 2012
Boeing and a smaller rival Chinese aircraft manufacturer, The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), yesterday announced that they have entered an agreement to jointly promote energy saving and emission reduction in the civil aviation industry.
Shipping sector bankroll for the Green Climate Fund
December 07, 2011
A draft document is making the rounds in Durban that would raise cash from the world’s shipping industry through a special tax to help fund the USD100 billion Green Climate Fund. According to Reuters, the document proposes that money raised by "specific actions" to reduce emissions from maritime bunker fuels -- which may be designed and implemented by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) -- could be directed to developing countries and used to aid climate adaptation through a Green Climate Fund.
BTD 6e taxis
August 25, 2011
Major Chinese car manufacturer First Automobile Works (FAW) this week launched the first batch of its independently-developed electric vehicles (Evs), just at a time when a sharp fall in sales of conventional gasoline cars at China's EV darling BYD Co is threatening to undercut its ambitious expansion plans for electric cars
China energy cap
August 05, 2011
A cap on energy consumption is expected to be at the heart of a Chinese low-carbon plan to be issued this year, experts believe, amid reports that officials have now agreed a level even higher than that anticipated, Reuters reported Thursday.
China vegetable field
April 08, 2011
Just as public concerns mount over new reports of higher levels of radiation in more areas of China from Japan's quake-damaged nuclear power plant, a senior official with China's Ministry of Environmental Protection has promised to release information on environmental emergencies in an "accurate and timely manner."
Wreckage of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant
March 17, 2011
China's State Council has indefinitely suspended safety approvals for new nuclear plants in the strongest sign yet that the quake-ravaged northeast Japan, and the deepening crisis at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, may affect China's ambitious nuclear expansion plan.
NPC 12th Five Year Plan
March 14, 2011
Chinese lawmakers overwhelmingly adopted a national plan to steer the world's second largest economy into a path of fairer and greener growth in the next five years as reported in CleanBiz Asia last week.