BASF launches Compost Asia Pledge

June 07, 2011

Chemical giant BASF launched the Compost Asia Pledge Facebook app on World Environment Day, with the aim to keep organic waste out of landfills and incinerators. The app will be available on the BASF Facebook Fan Page

"Each kilogram of organic waste that goes to landfill is estimated to generate the equivalent of 4,000 grams of carbon dioxide, whereas emissions from industrial composting amount to only 19 grams," said Dr. Tobias Haber, BASF's head of Business Management, Specialty Plastics in Asia Pacific.

BASF says compostable plastics offer a clean and hygienic option for collecting organic waste. Additionally, when organic waste is contained in compostable waste bags, it is not necessary to separate the bags from waste: the two can be processed together to yield high-quality compost. As such, industrial composting with fully biodegradable bags is a distinctly more efficient and effective waste management option for organic waste.

The Compost Asia Pledge is a call to action for members of the public to reduce their organic waste by only buying food they plan to or can actually consume, as well as supporting or voting for appropriate organic waste management facilities (industrial composting) in their communities.

BASF has been involved in trials worldwide to demonstrate the potential of composting as a feasible and effective waste management option for organic waste. Most recently in Asia, a pilot project offering a local solution and involving small-scale composting facilities was conducted in Thailand to support policies aimed at expanding the country's composting infrastructure.