Beijing moves to cut down water wastage at hotel conferences

December 27, 2011
The Beijing Travel Committee has announced an environmental protection plan aimed at saving water wasted by major hotels during hotel conferences, according to The Global Times.

The committee estimates that nearly 12 million bottles of water are consumed at Beijing's conferences each year. They also suggest that if bottles are discarded while still 10 percent full, the amount of waste water can reach 600 tonnes every year in Beijing alone.

"We hope to promote green hotels in Beijing, and call for more people to participate in environmental protection," Sun Weijia, deputy director of the committee said at a press conference on Saturday.

Beijing says it has around 289 "green hotels" taking part in the campaign. Zhang Junfeng, founder of Happy Water Journeys, a watchdog for water related issues applauded the government-backed action.

"I noticed this problem some years ago and tried to take action to promote drinking the leftovers in water bottles, but it received little response. I think it will be a good thing if the government has started this campaign," he said.