China’s waste-to-energy projects get twice that of coal power

April 12, 2012

China has set a price for electricity generated from waste-to-energy plants that is double the amount paid to generators of power from coal-fired projects in a bid to encourage more development of renewable energy.

China’s National Development and Reform Commission announced yesterday in a statement that developers of waste-to-energy plants will be paid 0.65 yuan (USD10 cents) a KWh. Coal-fired projects are 0.3 to 0.4 yuan a KWh, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

The rate is above the highest price of 0.61 yuan a KWh paid to wind-power projects, but lower that the 1 yuan allowed for developers of solar projects.

The rate to be paid to waste-to-energy projects may raise retail prices as the government has allowed grid companies to lift them due to an increase in the cost of purchasing power. The nation doubled the surcharges used to offer financial assistance to renewable energy projects to 0.008 yuan a KWh last year.