Dutch marine energy startup Tocardo looks to Japan and Korea

April 05, 2012

Dutch marine energy company Tocardo is looking to business in Japan and South Korea through the appointment of local agents in these markets. Spectol Power Design Co Ltd (SPD) is to represent Tocardo in Japan while German-Korean business Korwind is to sell its technology in South Korea.

Tocardo currently offers marine flow turbine generators, rated at 100-kW and 200-kW maximum output for river and inshore applications. It also has a 500-kW turbine in pre-production testing and has signed an R&D agreement with Korean ocean energy project entrepreneur Blue Ocean Power to demonstrate the effectiveness of its 1-MW tidal turbine.

With the strong focus on renewable energy development in post-Fukushima Japan Tocardo see a “highly promising market for tidal and river energy generation” and with SPD will focus on 18-MW of turbine supply deals of over the coming three years.

From a geographic and economic point of view, however, South Korea holds out even greater promise for the application of tidal energy generation.

The west coast of the country has one of the world’s largest tidal ranges; historians of the Korean War note that near Inchon the average spring tide range is 27.1 feet with an occasional maximum of 33 feet. Offshore currents flows are to be found running at 6.5-7m/s.