Incheon City works with Cisco to redevelop ‘smart-neighborhoods'

October 17, 2011

Officials in South Korea’s third-largest city plan to use Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities program to create blueprints for more technologically advanced and networked neighborhoods in the Ju An 2 and 4 Dong areas of Incheon

Incheon Nam-Gu Office announced today that it will collaborate with Cisco to realize its ‘Smart Nam-Gu' vision. The collaboration will focus on using Cisco's Smart+Connected Communities initiative as a blueprint for the redevelopment of the Ju An 2 and 4 Dong areas into a smart city.

The Ju An 2 and 4 Dong revitalization project is expected to become the foundation for Incheon City's effort to ensure balanced development between the old and new districts within Incheon. Cisco will deliver smart city design consulting services that will form the blueprint for Smart Nam-Gu.

This announcement builds on the agreement that Cisco signed with Incheon Metropolitan City a year ago to transform the Incheon Free Economic Zone into a high-tech, globally competitive and environmentally sustainable smart and connected city.

The “Smart Nam-Gu” vision targets around 16 blocks in the city’s old downtown area. Cisco plans to develop a master plan for the initiative that recommends changes to both physical infrastructure and city services. The work is expected to be similar to that currently taking place in South Korea’s Songdo International Business District.

The master plan will cover specifications for physical infrastructure redevelopment and recommendations for a portfolio of smart city services and solutions similar to those being currently developed in Songdo International Business District.

"The collaboration with Cisco is an important step for us to achieve our ‘Smart Nam-Gu' vision. We strongly believe that these smart city initiatives will deliver improved housing, opportunities and quality of life for our residents," said Woo-Sub Park, director of Nam-Gu Office.