India likely to create a million green jobs in two years

August 16, 2011

India's fast-growing clean and green sector is expected to create about one million new jobs over the next two years, offering employment opportunities in diverse areas, according to experts in the field.

They say increasing environmental awareness, growth of global carbon markets, the green buildings movement and the like creates employment for lawyers, policy writers, carbon finance consultants, business risk analysts, architects and engineers.

Udit Mittal, the managing director of HR consultancy Unison International, said the scope is so vast that "around one million green jobs will be generated in India over the next two years."

One of the biggest green employers is likely to be India's real estate sector, with green buildings coming up fast due to strong demand from the large local and multinational IT companies.

Unfortunately, green jobs are still not considered lucrative, which is likely to result in a shortage of expertise, the experts say.

Kamal Meattle, the Promoter of GreenSpaces and CEO of the Paharpur Business Centre & Software Technology Incubator said that "the future looks like it could be brighter, except that in our excitement we forget that we will need thousands of skilled people to build a bridge to our new carbon-free world. Put simply, there are neither the trainers, facilities or financing to skill the labour force we urgently need."