New entity helps Japan reduce overseas environmental impacts

March 30, 2012

Japan’s Panasonic Corporation yesterday announced it will set up an engineering company for its energy saving, purification and recycling businesses for air, water and soil in Malaysia as part of the company's drive to globally expand its environmental engineering business.

The new company, Panasonic Eco Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (PESMY), will be established on April 1, 2012, through Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd.

The company said in a statement that Panasonic Ecology Systems “is globally promoting energy saving, water purification, and other environmental technologies accumulated through its business operations in Japan and through the operation of Panasonic factories, providing solutions tailored to the environment of each country.”

It said PESMY will help Panasonic and other Japanese companies who will be locating factories in Malaysia to reduce their environmental impact by assisting in the setup and operation of their factories.

The specific businesses include the energy saving support service business to save energy by reviewing the factory operation and equipment conditions, the water and chemical recycling business to supply and recycle water and chemicals used by electronic device factories, the painting equipment exhaust purification business to clean up exhaust gas from painting equipment, and the soil decontamination business to purify contaminated soil.

Panasonic will contribute to reducing the environmental impact on Malaysia and neighboring countries using PESMY as a base, and further promote its environmental systems and engineering business globally, according to the statement.