Shanghai sets tough water management policies

March 23, 2012

Shanghai plans to adopt its "strictest water policies yet" to ensure that the city’s resources are managed responsibly, Shanghai Water Authority said Thursday, after launching an official microblog to mark 20th World Water Day.

"Shanghai will be among the first group of four major cities in the nation to realize tougher water management policies in an effort to control its total water consumption, and improve water usage efficiencies as well as waste water treatment processing," Chen Yuanming, deputy director of Shanghai Water Authority, told reporters at a press conference Thursday.

By 2015, Shanghai's total daily water supply is expected to reach 13.1 million tonnes, up 13 percent from 2010.

The city's daily waste water treatment capacity, meanwhile, is predicted to rise to 8 million tonnes, while at least 85 percent of its daily sewage will be treated before being discharged into rivers, increases of 14 percent and 2 percent from 2010, respectively.

The authority said the city plans to invest up to 100 billion (USD16 billion) yuan over the next five years to improve its water utilities.