Singapore orders large hotels, malls to disclose waste details

March 08, 2012

The government of Singapore on Tuesday laid down a new mandate that will force large hotels and shopping malls to report how much waste they produce and their recycling targets.

The new law will come into effect in 2014 and apply to hotels with over 200 rooms, of which there are about 100 in the city-state, and about 74 malls with net retail space of more than 50,000 sq ft.

A National Environment Agency (NEA) spokesman said the outcome of the new measure would help decide whether it will be extended to “other commercial and industrial premises”.

 Hotels and malls can generate more than 1,000 kg of waste a day, while their recycling rate can be as low as 10 per cent or even less, the spokesman was quoted in the Singapore Straits Times.

Under the new mandatory measure, malls are responsible for reporting overall waste data and improvement plans.

 The NEA did not say what penalties may be imposed for those not in compliance, only that “Enforcement action will be the last resort,” according to the newspaper.