Singapore's water industry continues on solid growth path

June 08, 2012

In typically up-beat style Singapore’s Environment & Water Industry Programme Office (EWI) has announced that the country’s water industry continued its growth momentum in 2011 with new investment that its says will generate S$130 million (USD102 million) of annual value-add and create 460 jobs when fully realized.

The EWI says that, since being identified as a strategic growth industry in 2006, Singapore's water sector has experienced rapid growth, with the total number of companies doubling from 50 to about 100. Over the same period, Singapore-based water companies also secured over 100 international projects worth close to S$9 billion (USD7 billion).

"The growth of the water industry over the last five years is backed by a strong foundation in water management that has propelled Singapore from a water-challenged nation to an internationally-recognized name in the global water community," said Chew Men Leong, chief executive of national water agency PUB and the EWI’s executive director.

“With an integrated approach to water management, sound water policies and investments in water technologies, Singapore has turned its vulnerability into a valuable asset today. R&D and technology is a key driver of this vibrant eco-system that spans the entire water value chain from consultancy to O&M, to equipment suppliers.”

The EWI is leading efforts in making Singapore a global hydrohub through identified technology development, cluster development and internationalization of Singapore-based companies as the three strategic thrusts to grow the water industry.