Sky cams to snag Singapore's "killer" high-rise litterers

March 07, 2012

Channel News Asia reported yesterday that Singapore’s Ministry of Environment and Water Resources will soon install surveillance cameras on high rise buildings to catch residents throwing liter from their apartments.

Offenders of what is called “killer litter,” or high-rise littering, can face imprisonment, a fine, or both. The Housing Development Board may also compulsorily seize an apartment or terminate the tenancy if the killer litter is thrown from any of its properties.

Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources, Grace Fu, said that more effort should be made to develop stronger community ownership for a clean environment, the news agency reported.

"Stepping up enforcement for littering does not completely address the deeper challenge of nurturing the right values. We must build greater individual ownership and community action if we are to raise the standard of cleanliness in all our public spaces," said Fu.

"We need to cultivate these attitudes and values from a young age, and we are working with the MOE to integrate environmental responsibility into MOE's values-driven school curriculum."