Taiwan’s waste incinerators to power industrial air conditioning

March 15, 2012

Taiwan is poised to make better use of surplus heat generated by the nation’s 24 incinerating plants, according to the country’s Environmental Protection Administration.

Chen Shyan-heng, head of the EPA’s Bureau of Environmental Inspection, said in a statement on Tuesday that the EPA is designing a waste heat recovery system that can transform surplus steam generated in the incineration process into energy to be used for air conditioning.

The proposed system is expected to increase the heat recycle efficiency rate at the nation’s incinerators by at least 10 percent and bring in revenues of over NT$2 billion (USD67 million) per year through the sale of energy to nearby factories and companies.

Chen cited the state-run China Steel Corp. which sold 2.5 million metric tonnes of steam energy to its neighbors for over a decade to not only generate profits but also reduce carbon emissions by 560,000 tonnes.

The power stations attached to Taiwan’s  refuse incineration plants will be capable of yielding a total of 3,070 MW of electricity per year, according to the EPA.