Taiwan sees results from CO2 reduction measures

February 15, 2012

The Taiwan government claims that some 229 energy projects it has promoted cut carbon emissions in the country by 4.82 million metric tonnes in 2011, according to a report by the Bureau of Energy under the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Energy density and carbon density in the first three quarters of last year dropped 4.9 percent and 0.87 percent respectively, compared with the same period in 2010,” the BOE said. “This is an indication that Taiwan’s carbon emission reduction efforts are steadily being fulfilled, and that its energy efficiency is gradually improving.”

According to the BOE, a big factor in the reduction were moves by several power plants owned by state-run Taiwan Power to move from coal fired plants to natural gas leading to a cut in CO2 emissions by 1.14 million metric tonnes.

Another 1.4 million metric tonnes was slashed as a result of the combined efforts of 238 enterprises in implementing 824 carbon reduction measures, the BOE said.