Read Full Story It appears China’s chronic pollution problems are a great leveler, removing rancor and hubris from diplomatic exchanges with South Korea and Japan. It is by no means all peace and harmony but working-level officials from the three countries put discord aside in Beijing last week during their first policy dialogue session on the pressing pollution problem.
China's Fujian province on Wednesday began releasing the first ever "fresh air index" to promote eco-tourism, in sharp contrast to air quality indexes in major cities which often instill fear.
China's smog is making it harder for foreign firms to convince top executives to work in the country, the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing said on Wednesday, offering some of the strongest evidence yet on how pollution is hurting recruitment.
Ningbo from the river
March 20, 2014
Following the recent “Symposium on a New Type of Major Power Relationship” (see Beijing Charts), our Chinese hosts provided a tour of several cities and facilities, including factories producing solar panels and windmills. In Ningbo I wanted to stay in my hotel and write an op-ed on energy and climate, but was told this would be a major faux pas, so instead I stayed up one night writing World’s Greatest Crime Against Humanity and Nature. The city we visited that day, with population at least comparable to New York City, was bustling in development and construction.
Dr Rajendra Pachauri launches China-India Low Carbon Study 2014
March 19, 2014
Asia’s two giants, China and India, are starting to talk about policy convergence to address the challenge of climate change, following the publication of a ground-breaking joint study. The China-India Low Carbon Study 2014, launched in Beijing on Monday, is the first fruit of an initiative to study common challenges faced by the two nations and to try to evolve common solutions that maximize their joint leverage. While the findings of the new report would hardly rate as surprising, the fact that the two countries – usually portrayed as archrivals – are trying to collaborate is good news in itself.
Read Full Story A new plan has been introduced by Chinese environmental officials aimed at addressing soil pollution and boosting food security in the world’s most populous nation
Read Full Story According to a new report by the Center for China and Globalization (CCG), China is now the biggest source of emigrants to the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. More than two thirds surveyed say pollution is their top reason for leaving.
The Peoples Insurance Company of China yesterday started offering the country’s first individual insurance plan for severe air pollution.
China says it will have 60 percent of its cities cleaned up within the next six years in its latest broadside against its mounting air and water pollution problems and the resulting public discord.
A World Bank-funded agricultural pollution control project, aimed at preventing pollution from "non-point" sources and reduce pollutants from crop and livestock production, has been initiated in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.