Having been singled out by a Yale University study as having worse air pollution in its capital than that of China’s, Indian bureaucrats have spent the last week pointing fingers or repudiating the findings and its metrics.
China will soon begin production of large amounts of fresh water through the desalination of sea ice, becoming the first country to do so, according to university researchers and a Chinese company last week.
Read Full Story A new study has found that global estimates of black carbon emissions in certain areas of India and China could be two to three more times concentrated than previously thought. Black carbon, a major element of soot, is a particle that is generated by the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, biofuel or biomass.
Chinese solar panel makers, hit hard by trade disputes and supply gluts that led to massive losses and even bankruptcies, are looking to invest in solar power farms to boost earnings.
Tesla China
January 27, 2014
Thanks largely to its rather uncompromising top-down system of governance, China is more capable than most in delivering on ambitious development goals in a relatively short space of time. The massive growth of its renewable energy sector to become the world’s biggest (although not per capita), is a case in point. By the same token, however, when the central planners get things wrong they can be spectacularly wrong.
After record-breaking installations of solar capacity in 2103, it appears China has no plan to lighten up on its clean energy targets and may even surpass the 12-GW it brought online last year.
China will allow big emitters to use offset credits from destruction of nitrous dioxide to meet domestic climate targets, giving its nod to a type of project that has been banned in other carbon markets.
Green India Mission
January 24, 2014
India’s central government looks set to approve INR130 billion (USD2.0 billion) of funding to get the Green India Mission under way. First mooted in 2011, the Green India Mission (GIM) is a 10-year program aimed at improving the quality of five million hectares of degraded forests and bringing another five million hectares of non-forest areas under forest cover through social and farm forestry.
China Solar Boom
China’s solar power developers installed a record 12-GW of photovoltaic (PV) projects in 2013, and a booming market at the very end of the year may even have pushed installations up to 14-GW according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). No country has ever added more than 8-GW of solar power in a single year prior to 2013, and China’s record outstripped even the most optimistic forecasts of 12 months ago.
China climage finance
China will need to come up with more than 2 trillion yuan (USD330.6 billion) in additional climate finance funds by 2020 to combat climate change and invest in low-carbon development, a new report said on Wednesday. The report, which was prepared by the Research Center for Climate and Energy Finance (RCCEF) at the Central University of Finance and Economics, together with the Counselors' Office of the State Council, said that annual demand for climate financing would rise to 2.75 trillion yuan in 2020 and peak at more than 3.0 trillion yuan by 2040.