Country Parks

Private apartments seeming to nestle within Hong Kong's Tai Tam Country Park
September 18, 2013
Paul Chan, the Secretary for Development in Hong Kong, opened up a can of worms earlier last week by suggesting that Hong Kong should consider housing developments in country park areas. The trouble with such comments is that it is completely unfounded, and disregards the underlying purpose and benefits that country parks provide for all Hong Kong citizens. He has forgotten that country parks and other ecological protected areas in Hong Kong provide many of our essential needs?
The Chinese Grassbird
February 02, 2012
The world’s foremost experts group on birds, the International Ornithologists’ Union, has just confirmed a new species of bird that was discovered on the mountain peaks of Hong Kong. Given the common name Chinese Grassbird, their estimated numbers are few (initial estimates suggests no more than 50-100 pairs in Hong Kong); therefore, the cause for conservation should be great. It might be fortunate that the hill and mountaintop habitats where these birds make their home are largely found within Hong Kong’s country parks network.
Hong Kong's got plenty of green space
November 16, 2011
The most expensive street in the world can be found in Hong Kong, as can some of the world’s most expensive office space. In a place of high land premiums, it is astounding that Hong Kong can come out favorably in statistics about green space. Indeed, some 42 percent of the land mass in Hong Kong has been designated as country parks and special protected areas, making it a territory with one of the highest percentage of protected areas on the globe.