Kai Tak Cruise
February 05, 2013
It’s been a busy and productive few weeks for both the shipping industry and the Hong Kong government. In his first policy address, Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung announced plans to introduce legislation for at-berth fuel switching during the next legislative session, continue discussions with Guangdong officials on extending fuel switching to other places in the Pearl River Delta (PRD), and for shoreside power at the new Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, scheduled to open in June.  
Macau is calling on all gaming operators to install water-recycling equipment in their upcoming casinos.
Uniqlo, Asia’s biggest global fashion brand and its parent company Fast Retailing Group, have committed to eliminate all releases of hazardous chemicals throughout its entire global supply chain and products by 2020, in response to Greenpeace’s global Detox campaign.
The already dubious shark fin industry in China is coming under new scrutiny after authorities in the province of Zhejiang claim to have found that many of the shark fins sold in markets are artificial and some also contain dangerous toxins.
As the incidence of respiratory disease increases in the Philippines due to pollution, the head of an environmental group has advocated issuing gas masks free to students. Joey Papa, president of Bangon Kalikasan Movement, said employers should also provide them to their workers in urban areas.
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has announced a new three-year assistance plan to Cambodia. The plan includes of USD525 million to help the country reduce poverty, promote growth and mitigate climate change, the bank said.
Japanese researchers have developed a new line of fabric made from wafer-thin solar cells that could allow people to harvest energy and power up devices, like mobile phones, on the go.
Hairy nose pollution protection
December 11, 2012
It is one of those embarrassing things that happen from time to time – finding one or two nose hairs poking out of your nose while you are in the company of others. There’s nothing you’d want more than to get your hands on a trimmer and remove it instantly. If you are living in a choking city like Hong Kong, however, you’d be better off keeping your nose hairs and let them grow - they are your first line of defense against air pollution.
Tata Power Solar is commissioning the first of two 1-KW solar PV plants to power “portacabin” centers for residents’ welfare associations across New Delhi.
Green cosmetics all the rage
December 04, 2012
The Asian cosmetics industry needs to raise the bar for sustainability according to speakers at the 2nd Asia-Pacific Sustainable Cosmetics Summit held recently in Hong Kong. They say the region is lagging in many ethical and ecological areas, such as alternatives to animal testing, ecological packaging, green formulations, as well as consumer education. The growing importance of Asia to the cosmetics industry was highlighted by Sam McKay, CEO of Jurlique. In his opening keynote, he declared: “Asia has become our number one focus as a region”.