Pollution Monitoring

With upgraded air quality monitoring systems now rolled out across China’s major cities, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has just announced the figures on air pollution for the first half of this year.
China's State Council has widened its rules on air-quality monitoring while furtively broadening curbs on new car sales.
Fujitsu of Japan is offering to allow the Thai government to use its innovative environment monitoring system to ease pollution at Map Ta Phut industrial estate through a pilot project.
China's environmental watchdog says that it will work to promote the prompt disclosure of air quality reports and monitoring results for other types of pollution. The disclosure of information on major pollution sources and radiation levels will also be improved this year, according to a statement from the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The ministry also pledged to build an Internet-based environmental information platform by 2015 to facilitate the country's environmental protection drive, it added.
China will launch a new pollution monitoring system that will also check the effect of greenhouse gasses on human health. The system will look at the medical and mortality records and compare them to instances of fog and haze to enable targeted intervention.