Project Funding

The International Finance Corp has agreed to invest in a fund managed by Nereus Capital Management LLC that’s targeting clean-energy companies in India.
US solar in Indian projects
August 27, 2012
The United States is using climate fast-start financing to ruin the Indian domestic solar photo-voltaic (PV) manufacturing industry, according to Indian NGO, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), in a statement posted on its website. CSE researchers claims 80 percent of the Indian solar PV manufacturing capacity is in a state of forced closure and debt restructuring with no orders coming to them, while the US manufacturers are getting orders from Indian solar power developers.
South Korea’s CX Sola is planning to build a 300-MW solar generation plant in Pakistan, according to the government.
A waste treatment complex in the Soc Son district of Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, is to become the first site in the country to generate power from using industrial waste.
In a sign just how powerful the incentive of Japan’s new renewable energy feed-in tariff system, finance and leasing company Orix Corp has announced plans to spend 54 billion yen (USD680 million) over the next three year on solar projects.
A 1-GW solar plant is on the cards for Gujarat should talks with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) go well. The government of the Indian state has confirmed it is talking with the IFC for support the giant renewable energy project.
Japanese photovoltaic maker Kyocera Corporation along with six other companies, has announced the completion of ¥27 billion (USD345 million) capital investment for the establishment of Kagoshima Mega Solar Power Corporation.
The Embassy of Finland in Vietnam launched a project to back Vietnam's central Quang Tri province to deal with climate change's impacts in agricultural production, Vietnam’s state-run news agency reported on Tuesday.
India's Prime Minister faces the blackout
August 02, 2012
To paraphrase wit and playwright Oscar Wilde: “To lose one grid, Mr Singh, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness”. For India's Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, the power collapse of, eventually, three power grids over two days leaving more than 600 million people without electricity, should be the starkest message yet that India and its politicians need to stop pandering to populism, bite-the-bullet on economic reforms and clean up its legal and regulatory act.
A new THB5 billion (USD 160 million) infrastructure fund has been launched by SPCG, Thailand's biggest solar-farm developer.Kasikornbank (KBank) is acting as financial advisor to SPCG, through a new investment banking division focussed fund-raising operations. Krisada Lamsam, a senior executive vice president of Kbank, said it had another four similar deals to be announced before the year's end.