Rechargeable Batteries

Yttrium - a rare earth
China has lost its appeal to the World Trade Organisation regarding its constraint on the export of certain raw material, leading the EU to urge it to drop export bans on rare earths. The WTO upheld its ruling that the complaint lodged by the EU, the US and Mexico that China's export ban on nine raw materials broke global rules. It had been alleged that the policies drove up prices internationally and gave China's domestic manufacturers an advantage.
Researchers in California have produced a cheap plastic capable of removing large amounts of CO2 from the air. Down the road, the new material could enable the development of large-scale batteries and even form the basis of "artificial trees" that lower atmospheric concentrations of CO2 in an effort to stave off catastrophic climate change.
Chinese venture capital firm GSR Ventures has led a USD30 million financing round for Boston-Power, a green battery maker.
Sumitomo Electric's Aluminium Celmet
  Sumitomo Electric Industries has developed a new material it is calling 'Aluminium-Celmet' that is says greatly improve the effiency of lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries.
BYD's Wang Chuan-Fu
June 23, 2011
It seems not even the prestige of winning, not one, but two high-profile contracts to provide fleets of electric buses to Singapore and Frankfurt could help Chinese rechargeable battery and auto maker BYD Company raise what it expected from the Shenzhen markets.