Read Full Story Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Thaipat Institute have launched the first corporate social responsibility (CSR) and anti-corruption progress indicators for Thai-listed companies.
Mekong River Commission Luang Prabang 2013
April 07, 2014
The 2nd Summit of the Mekong River Commission (MRC) – involving Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam – wrapped up at the weekend with a strong political message from the four members on collaboration and their commitments to sustainable development in the Mekong basin. The Ho Chi Minh City Declaration highlighted achievements realized by MRC member countries since the First MRC Summit held in 2010 in Thailand, analyzed opportunities and challenges in the region, reaffirmed priority action areas and commitments as well as setting out MRC strategic orientations for the next period.
Thailand’s ongoing political battles have hit the country’s ambitious rooftop solar scheme as installers wait in limbo for the now dissolved government to issue the permits they need to sell energy to the grid.
Solar PV Demand from the APAC Region Between 2010 and 2014 - SolarBuzz
December 20, 2013
Solar photovoltaic (PV) demand in 2014 will be dominated by the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, which will account for approximately 50 percent of all new solar PV demand next year. According to findings from the latest NPD Solarbuzz Asia Pacific PV Markets Quarterly report, almost 95 percent of new solar PV capacity in the APAC region in 2014 will come from just five countries: China, Japan, India, Australia, and Thailand.
Maplecroft 2014 climate change threat map
October 30, 2013
By 2025 almost one third of global economic output will be based in countries that face either an extreme or high risk from climate change impacts according to a new study. The sixth annual release of Maplecroft’s Climate Change and Environmental Risk Atlas reveals that countries projected to produce 31 percent economic falls into these two categories – a 50 percent increase on current levels and more than double since the company began researching the issue in 2008.
With flood water blocking roads, seventeen factories were temporarily shut in a major Thai industrial zone dominated by foreign companies.
Statisticians, economists, ecologists and policy makers across Asia are meeting in Bangkok to look at ways to calculate the value of natural resources that could reshape the way country success is measured. The conference includes technical discussions on “green accounting” systems and how to put value on “natural capital” – the earth’s lands, waters and their biodiversity.
Korean Water Resources Corp (K-Water) is confident in its ability to conduct water management projects along Thailand’s Chao Phraya River so that the country can reap the maximum benefit.
Thailand’s largest private water utility, water Eastern Water Resources Development and Management, says it has allocated THB7.3 billion (USD227 million) to improve water provision for the country’s industrial and tourist resort needs over the next four years.
A US EV-maker has signed a letter of intent for a joint-venture agreement with Taiwanese Taikang Technology Corporation. Smith Electric Vehicles will sell its branded vehicles to Taiwan, while it also intends to enter into a definitive licensing agreement, which will cover the assembly and distribution of all-electric vehicles in Taiwan, including a new factory.