India’s state of Assam says it is on the path to becoming one of the country’s greenest and cleanest states by using cold mix technology in which natural rubber latex is blended with bitumen emulsion for construction of green roads and other paved areas.
A123 Systems, the bankrupt US electric car battery maker that was on the verge of being taken over by China-based Wanxiang Group for USD465m in August, has now confirmed it has entered into an “asset purchase agreement” with Johnson Controls in a transaction valued at USD125 million.
The Shanghai Municipal Government plans to give away 20,000 vehicle registrations to buyers of electric vehicles by the end of the year in an effort to boost the so far disappointing sales of environmentally friendly automobiles, according to local media reports. Shanghai is one of China’s pilot cities for the development and deployment of electric vehicles.
It is being claimed that new software developed in the US is capable of accurately measuring greenhouse gas emissions down to individual buildings and streets.
Coal-powered electric vehicles
October 10, 2012
New research from the The Norwegian University of Science and Technology study suggests that electric cars may be worse for the environment than petrol or diesel-powered cars. This could mean China’s ambitious plans to promote plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) could make things worse rather than better. What’s the problem? PEVs rely on mains electricity to run, and most of the world’s electricity still comes from unsustainable sources. The study found the impact – especially on greenhouse gas emissions - even worse when coal is the main source of power generation, and China relies on coal for over 80 percent of its electricity.
New research says that green IT and sustainability are emerging as key concerns for businesses, investors and policymakers in India and should be valued at USD70 billion by 2015.
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is providing USD600 million for a package of green projects that will transform waste into clean energy, reduce CO2 emissions, expand eco-friendly transport, and protect fragile wetland areas in fast-growing second-tier cities in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
The Chinese government is preparing to charge emission fees on cars and is currently discussing this policy, according to Li Zuojun, deputy director of Resources and Environment Institute under the Development Research Center of the State Council.
Read Full Story Hyundai Motor is preparing to launch what it says will be the world’s first fuel-cell electric vehicles, according to a Reuters report
As India’s Mahindra Group’s prepares to debut its much-awaited four-seater Reva NXR electric vehicle (EV) in November, the group’s subsidiary, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd, is said to be putting the finishing touches on a long-term plan that will see the launch of  up to five new EV models, including three from Mahindra platforms and two from Reva.