Urban Development

China says it will have 60 percent of its cities cleaned up within the next six years in its latest broadside against its mounting air and water pollution problems and the resulting public discord.
A new research plan for green growth and sustainability is being hammered out for the Indian states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.
PRD 2020 vision
November 01, 2012
According to the Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta (PRD) for 2008 -2020, formulated by the National Development and Reform Commission, cities in the PRD are progressively converging into one urban cluster, forming the most densely populated urban corridor in China. The nine prefectures in the region were home to 56.15 million people at the end of 2010, according to the Guangdong Statistic Book 2010. Given that Guangzhou alone expects to have 20 million people by 2020, it is entirely possible the total population of the PRD could double by that time.
Supertrees in Sinagpore's Garden by the Bay
June 12, 2012
Singapore will take the problem of reforestation to new heights when it opens its 250-acre landscaping project – Gardens by the Bay – at the end of June complete with an imposing canopy of high-tech “supertrees.” The solar-powered supertrees are found in the Bay South garden, which opens to the public on June 29. It is part of an initiative from Singapore's National Parks Board that will see the cultivation of flora and fauna from foreign lands, according to a recent CNN report.
Electronic road pricing
December 28, 2011
The election season for 2012 has already started in Hong Kong. The hot issue is a three-way race for chief executive – the top political post – which is selected by an election committee of 1,200 members, whom are “elected” themselves by a relatively small eligible electorate of about 200,000 people. For anyone to get to the starting line, he or she must get 150 nominations from these 1,200 members. Right now, there are three camps vying to get enough nominations.
Hong Kong-based MTR Corporation has received a lot of accolades for its sustainability efforts, most recently being given an AA rating by the RepuTex ESG Data Service - a distinction achieved by only two other companies in Asia. MTR has, however, been expanding rapidly both within its home base and internationally, which is testing the company's sustainable management framework as never before.
C40 Sao Paolo Summit
July 13, 2011
Every two years the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group convenes a major conference that brings together mayors, their senior staff and business leaders from major cities around the world. Through a comprehensive programme of interactive sessions, delegates learn from each other's experience, share best practices and identify collaborative projects.
City tree
July 13, 2011
New research from the UK could prove useful to China's urbanisation drive and push for low-carbon economic development.
A slum in Quito
June 04, 2011
Growing urbanisation does not have to spell disaster for either human health or the environment, and both research and underused technologies can help mitigate its negative effects, a conference has heard.
Tony Balir, the Climate Group
March 30, 2011
The Climate Group today announced its new landmark program, China Redesign, aimed at helping Chinese cities develop and implement low carbon growth strategies and meet the emissions reduction objectives of China's 12th Five Year Plan.