Water Conservation

In a bid to motivate consumers to be less wasteful, Singapore will soon start supplying households with information on average household water consumption in their neighborhood.
China's Ministry of Water Resources says it has established a new performance appraisal system to evaluate local governments on their management of water resources.
China's Ministry of Finance has allocated CNY6.33 billion (USD1.03 billion) for irrigation and water conservation projects.
China's Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) combined to release the first official survey on the nation’s water resources yesterday, highlighting numerous areas of concern.
Vietnam will prioritize the sustainable conservation and management of water resources as it is an important part of the nation's 2011-2020 development strategy and the 2020 national strategy on water resources.
Implementing smart meters in Mumbai, India’s most populous city, has helped cut water losses by half, according to Itron, the largest US maker of metering devices.
China's National Development and Reform Commission has renewed its efforts to control water resources and consequent shortages. It has ruled on minimum prices that regions must raise in their water resource rates by the end of 2015.
China will invest more than 38 billion yuan (USD6 billion) in water-conservation and irrigation projects in four northeastern provinces, according to the China Securities Journal.
China on Monday launched a new fund to protect its far-western Sanjiangyuan nature reserve in Tibet, the source of the country's major rivers, according to the China Daily.
Beijing has found using hi-tech bricks has environmental benefits and has increased their use. The Beijing Water Authority plans to lay 150,000 square meters of water-absorbing bricks later this year, adding to the one million square meters already laid.